A Game of Made-Up Words


bleft (adj.) – the internal void felt after a long and productive bout of vomiting.

braif (n.) – foundation garments for the blind.

clush (n.) – a fight between women using purses as weapons.

dewd (n.) – a really gross guy.

dundia (n.) – A utopia for morons.

et (v.) – Past tense of “to eat”, usually in form of “we already done et”.

exdip (n.) – a flat plane where there was once a dip.

fansom (n.) – The money paid by a celebrity to ensure that fans don’t follow them into their hotel rooms.

fert (n.) – an indecisive fart.

fridata (n.) – the last day of a statisticians’s work week.

fuo (n.) – a pair of asshats (pronounced eff-you-oh, natch.)

hairly (adv.) – in a hairward direction, typically used as directions in barber/beauty school, e.g, “We move the scissors hairly.”

kneat (adj.) – how to describe an excellently-done knitting project.

kneew (v., past tense) – To have acquired some truly disgusting knowledge.

lirn (v.) – to learn poorly.

ouiz (v.) – To wheeze in French.

rodea (n.) – venereal disease contracted at a rodeo.

teenis (n.) – A teenage penis.

treau (n.) – the perfume of woodland creatures.

trire (v.) – when one makes the attempt to be angry with something, but just can’t manage.

valloy (n.) – A particularly noble alloy.

vegable (adj.) – edible for a vegan/able to be rendered vegan.

yamp – 1.(v.): to camp out in a sweet potato field; 2.(n.): the physical location of this camp.

zitly (adj.) – describing one beset by acne.  “Oh, the poor Johnsons were cursed with three zitly boys.”

zuble (n.) – the international currency of zoos.


One response

  1. Brian

    Sorry to say, but “et” is a valid word in Scrabble. The definition is exactly the one here.

    July 14, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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